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Play from any Java/Bedrock client version [1.8 - 1.16.5]


  • Best playing experience
  • Interesting features and ideas for enhance playing process
  • 12 years of work 24/7 without lags
  • Custom mods OMC and Crafting0x
  • Most plugins are self-written
  • The most FAST and beautiful launcher!
    Game client will be downloaded extremely fast, because only our launcher don't downloading 400+ Mb unnecessary files as other projects launchers, it's using already existing files directly in .minecraft and don't create on your computer garbage from equal files of big size per every launcher
  • Clean map and absence of wipes
  • Lucky Blocks spawning chance when digging shafts
  • Creepers/TNT destroying blocks. Crops not trampling
  • Adequate admins 26+

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