The server with a new mini-game Bingo is opened!

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The server with a new mini-game Bingo is opened!


Friends! I'm in a hurry to please you, we have opened a server with a hype gamemode Bingo!

Version: [1.8 - 1.16.5]

You need to collect 5 items in one line, which drawed on map in your hand, and make the most of all of your survival skills to find all items faster than others. Whoever first gathers the line from the items will win! The line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Items must be obtained in any way, be it crafting, picking up or finding somewhere in a chest. PvP on this server by the gameplay is not allowed.
In Bingo steeper is not the one who fights better, but the one who survives better.

Also on the server at the digging of stone/dirt there is a chance of spawning Lucky Blocks!

Soon, with the increasing of players online, the Full-House mode will also be added (in which you will need to find all the items drawn on the map) and the Team mode where you need to collect the entire items together with your friends.
Also will be added a shop with different kits and cool items for coins, which you can earn already now!


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